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"Get yourself our biocompatible products made in Germany. Environmental-reponsible innovative production processes at nandatec for our future."

Dear Customers,


we at nandatec believe that a product needs to be more than just a product. Since 2013 our highest aim is to produce all of our products environmentally-responsible and sustainable.

We test all of our nano-products in animal replacement models according to ISO 10993-5, ASTM and REACH specifications.

NANDATEC nano-products are: 

  • biocompatible
  • biodegradable
  • environmental sustainable


Find below further product information. In case you need a smaller amount or only one part of our products or any other question please contact us here.


Support us and get yourself today a nandatec product made in Germany.


product information

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Dear customers, find below further product information. In case of any question please contact us here.

ARTIFICIAL EYE with artificial intelligence for allergy testing




We offer a variety of primary cell based animal replacement models (2D and 3D) for Toxicology analysis, especially for:

- allergy testing

- comfort testing

- infection testings and

- Personalized Medicine testings.


Furthermore we develop customer specific animal replacement models.

Let us know how we can help you making toxicology testing more efficient, time and cost reduced and ethically clean.


First multiparameter read out after 4 h.


The foto (left) shows our patented animal replacement model for a human eye.


It can be personalized to a patients cornea.


Our CE - certified animal replacement model (ARM) artificial eye can be used as a stand alone box for laboratories without an established cell culture equipment.


Reduce your costs in the animal lab by replacing it with our artificial eye model. No "Tierschutzbeauftragte/r" needed any more.


Our app for quality assurance makes it easy to track and verify your data.

We use human primary cells for our patented animal replacement models in order to enhance transferability (external validity).


Pricing complete eye box with allergy testing assay system: 11.999,00 €


Product number: 181002




CLEANS1® biocidal-free antifouling

CLEANS1® is our topseller.

Special feature: Biocidal-free antifouling for various applications.


Liquid, transparent and easy to apply.

Just mix it with your favorite colour.


Spray/painting is possible on many materials, e.g. GFK, steel, aluminium, wood, glas, polystyrol and more...


No movement is necessary for the anti-fouling effect.


Durability: 2 years, up to 3 years depending on conditions. We tested CLEANS1® in our algae and microbe tank. Find our published results here.


Pricing: 45,99 €/500 ml


Product number: 151002





Certification DIN EN ISO 166 in progress.

- The frame of our face shields are biodegradable and can be sterilized.

- The face shield is big enough to wear glasses under.

- The frame is flexible and can be reused.

- Available in different sizes also for kids.


nandatec helps medicinal staff. Let us know your pricing. You make the price or 100 pieces/ 500,00 €.


Product number: 040020


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