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nandatec GmbH is a Nanobiotechnology company focusing on biochemical engineering, synthesis and surface modification of biocompatible nanoparticles for applications in the field of Life Science, particularly in Regenerative Medicine, Medical Technology, Biosensing and Clean Tech. nandatec GmbH is located in the center of the hanseatic city Lübeck, UNESCO World Heritage, and in the Innovationszentrum Itzehoe (IZET).

 nandatec nano-products are biocompatible, biodegradable and can be functionalized for diverse applications. Our nano-products are tested in animal replacement models according to ISO 10993-5, ASTM and REACH specifications.

We provide a variety of services ranging from product development, quality assurance, biostatistical analysis, medical writing to contract research. To strengthen our technology transfer, nandatec GmbH is a listed member of the BMBF nanotechnology competency map. Furthermore, nandatec is the idea giver and co-founder of the BMWi funded ZIM-network NanoFunDuS in Germany, and member of Life Science Nord e.V., NINa e.V., NanoMedNorth, NANOfutures Europe, Cambridge Cleantech Cluster and ambassador of Biopeople Denmark.

nandatec supports the replacement, refinement and reduction of animal research in science.

If you have any questions concerning our products, services or cooperation please feel free to contact us.

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