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nandatec GmbH has access to a pool of talent and expertise that can be deployed in an associate capacity depending on our clients´changing needs.

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Dipl. Biochem. Dagmar Schneider


Surface Modification, Technology Transfer,

biological safety, QA certified

Dr. pharm. Meike Römer

Project manager

Drug delivery, coatings, spectroscopy,

QM- certified

Dr. med. Tobias Lange

Internist and Cardiologist, ABS Expert, (Antibiotic Stewardship),

Clinical study investigator, (GMP-, AMG-, MPG- certified),

SpR Intensive Care Unit


Dr. rer. nat. Jan-Christian Sodenkamp

Senior scientist

Molecular Biology, Immunology, Infectious Diseases

Prof. Dr. Bodo Steiner

Senior consultant

Agricultural Economics

International Business & Strategy





Michele Jamrozik, Ph.D., MBA


Software Engineering


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