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5.-7.12.2023 Cancer Diagnostic Technology Summit Sensor100

In the search for faster and more sensitive cancer diagnostic techniques, imaging combined with AI has proven most sucessful and is in clinical use. There are a wide range of other technologies in various stages of development between lab and clinical trials. The objective of CDT23 to review cancer diagnostic technologies other than imaging: liquid and breath biopsy, biomarkers in urine, biosensor technology. Recognising the innovation pathway from lab to clinic, the conference will include commercial as well as academic developments.

Invited talk, many thanks to Sensor100.

24.-26.09.2023 Bits & Pretzels, #1 founders festival in Europe

We are excited to meet you at the Bits & Pretzels Conference in Munich, Germany. Many thanks to the organizers for the kind invitation.

20.03.2023 New Board at LSN e.V.:

Read about the selection of the new board of Life Science Nord e.V.: here.

Our Founder and Director Schneider was successfully re-elected for the extended board of Life Science Nord e.V.. In addition she maintains an active role in the supervisory board of LSN Management GmbH.

02.01.2023 Happy Healthy New Year!

Thank you very much for this wonderful and highly informative article in BOOTE. Jan Zier describes how study Participants and Biochemists work together in order to recieve the best results with CLEANS1-our biocidal-free antifouling-and get rid of algae on their boats. Some of us might have noticed the changing water quality and temperature due to climate change which makes a big impact.

18.08.2022 Nanomedicine workshop


Exploring the clinical translation of Nanotechnology for diagnosis and therapeutics, Hamburg, 18. August 2022.

Join us here:

Fraunhofer IAP – Forschungsbereich Zentrum für Angewandte Nanotechnologie CAN, Hamburg

25.08.21 YACHT article

New article in the well known journal YACHT about  NANDATEC® CLEANS1-our biocidal-free antifouling. Join our studies as a tester. Get registered here for free  and join our study. Many Thanks to Jan Zier, YACHT.


05.08.21 NIBS Conference 2021

Join us at the 4th Conference „Nanotechnology and Innovation in the Baltic Sea Region 2021“.


The 4th conference “Nanotechnology and Innovation in the Baltic Sea Region” (NIBS2021) is organized by the North German Initiative Nanotechnology Schleswig-Holstein e.V. (NINa SH eV), the Mads Clausen Institute at the University of Southern Denmark, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania, and Kiel University, Germany.



24.12.20 Christmas 2020

Merry Christmas and a happy healthy New Year!


What a year we all would rather like to forget!

But not everything was bad this year and maybe you agree that virtual events can be very fruitful.

A big thank you to all who are working for and with us. We wish you a prosperous 2021.


More importantly we wish you and your family good health! Please stay healthy!


Warmest regards,

Team nandatec


09.12.20 Nano meets Medicine

Join us, live stream from 2 p.m. till 6 p.m.. The application potential of nanotechnology in therapy and molecular diagnostics is enormous and ranges from tumor therapy to infection diagnostics and imaging with magnetic nanoparticles to immune modulation. In the Symposium Nano meets medicinewe would like to inform you about current developments, initiate stimulating discussions across disciplines, and show opportunities for joint activities. We look forward to meeting you!

stream link:

31.08.20 Berlin-Brandenburger Optik Tag

Join us, live stream from 2 p.m. till 6 p.m.. Talk: "3D-printed artificial eye with artificial intelligence for allergy testing". Many thanks to Berlin Partner, THE GERMAN CAPITAL REGION, excellence in photonics and WFBB for this opportunity.

stream link:

20.04.20 Hamburg-news.hamburg

Many thanks for the wonderful article in hamburg-news.hamburg about the development of our biocompatible products.

Read full article here:

09.03.20 nandatec on German TV, NDR

Many thanks to NDR team Sven Jachmann

nandatec prestents the artifical eye, an animal replacement model, which enables personalized medicine. Our patented eye model box can be used without cell culture for testing and certification of new materials for contact lenses. An easy and cost efficient allergy test model based on human primary cells.

05.02.20 State Secretary, Dr. Thilo Rohlfs, visits nandatec

Many thanks to State Secretary, Dr. Thilo Rohlfs, Ministry of Economic Affaires, Transport, Employment, Technology and Tourism of Schleswig-Holstein, for his visit and interest in our research cooperation projects.


Many thanks also to SHZ. Read full press article here and in SHZ.


(Foto from right to left: Michele Jamrozik, PhD, Dagmar Schneider, CEO, State Secretary Dr. Thilo Rohlfs, Dr. med. Tobias Lange, Dr. rer. nat. Vinayaga Srinivasan Gnanapragassam, Sinje Alsen.)

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