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31.08.20 Berlin-Brandenburger Optik Tag

Join us, live stream from 2 p.m. till 6 p.m.. Talk: "3D-printed artificial eye with artificial intelligence for allergy testing" by Dagmar Schneider (talk), Michele Jamrozik, PhD and Dr. med. Tobias Lange. Many thanks to Berlin Partner, THE GERMAN CAPITAL REGION, excellence in photonics and WFBB for this opportunity.

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Many thanks for the wonderful article in about the development of our biocompatible products.

Read full article here:

02.04.20 NEW: Face shields

We support you!

3D-Printing services now available.

nandatec produces face shields for medicinal staff and hospitals.

The new face shields can be sterilized and offer enough space to wear glasses beyond the mask.

15.03.20 COVID-19 // Corona-Virus // SARS-CoV-2

We are still here for you.

nandatec supports hospitals and medicinal and other staff. We help producing face shields. Contact us for help in production.


Take care and please stay at home!


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09.03.20 nandatec on German TV, NDR

Many thanks to NDR team Sven Jachmann

nandatec prestents the artifical eye, an animal replacement model, which enables personalized medicine. Our patented eye model box can be used without cell culture for testing and certification of new materials for contact lenses. An easy and cost efficient allergy test model based on human primary cells.

05.02.20 State Secretary, Dr. Thilo Rohlfs, visits nandatec

Many thanks to State Secretary, Dr. Thilo Rohlfs, Ministry of Economic Affaires, Transport, Employment, Technology and Tourism of Schleswig-Holstein, for his visit and interest in our research cooperation projects.


Many thanks also to SHZ. Read full press article here and in SHZ.


(Foto from right to left: Michele Jamrozik, PhD, Dagmar Schneider, CEO, State Secretary Dr. Thilo Rohlfs, Dr. med. Tobias Lange, Dr. rer. nat. Vinayaga Srinivasan Gnanapragassam, Sinje Alsen.)

28.08.19 Business delegation with First Major of Hamburg, Dr. Peter Tschentscher, Senat Hamburg

Delegation journey Shanghai, Osaka, Kobe, Tokyo (in order of visits)

Many thanks to the First Major of Hamburg, Dr. Peter Tschentscher, and all the organizers and visited cities, institutions and companies for the kind invitation to join the delegation journey to Shanghai (China) Osaka, Kobe and Tokyo (Japan). It was a great honor for nandatec GmbH to be part of this delegation group.
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